Experience the look and feel of our fabrics and trims through one of our swatch sets. Conveniently organized in our color categories of neutrals, blues, and pinks, you’ll receive a set of fabrics and trims in the colorway of your choice. Or you may select our full collection swatch set for all the fabrics and trims we offer. Swatches come in approximately 4”x4” squares. 

Colorway Details

Neutrals: White Linen, Ivory Linen, White Hanky Heirloom Linen, White Birdseye Pique, White Velvet Trim, Ivory Velvet Trim, Grey Linen, Oat Dot, Oat Ticking Stripe, Oat Linen, Oat Velvet Trim, Oat Buffalo Check, White Satin Ribbon, Ivory Satin Ribbon

Blues: Cloud Blue Linen, Blue Dot, Blue Ticking Stripe, Buffalo Blue Check, Blue Lamb, Blue Velvet Trim, Delicate Edging-Blue,  Blue Satin Ribbon

Pinks: Petal Pink Linen, Pink Dot, Buffalo Pink Check, Pink Ticking Stripe, Delicate Edging-Pink, Pink Lamb, Pink Velvet Trim, Pink Satin Ribbon

Full Collection: All fabrics and trims for neutrals, blues, and pinks

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